Designing a logo for a REAL Client!

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A month ago a company called sweet treats limited reached out asking if i could design them a brand for a new unreleased product after weeks of strategizing designing and tweaking here's the story of how i created the brand scoff and on-demand brownie delivery service wednesday the 1

I received the go ahead from the client about the creative direction of the brand meaning today i can start designing first up is designing the logo type now we are pretty clear on the typography direction thanks to the mood board which includes bubbly thick and bold fonts that connect and bounce this is supposed to mimic how your cheeks look when you scoff your face think of a squirrel with two nuts in their mouth so that is basically what i'm trying to show through typography so i'm gonna head over to envato elements the sponsor of today's video to source some similar fonts the font is secured and this one caught my eye the most as it's bubbly thick and fits with the direction that we are looking to create for this brand so i'm going to play around with the letter placement.

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I kind of like the ideas of the letters touching one another to create tension as the word scoff is uncomfortable and kind of squished like food within your mouth so to do this i'll outline the font by pressing command shift and o and then to ungroup with the shortcut command shift and g so then i can easily move these letters around with the selection tool now i'm sure on the front i'm going to work on some different concepts by tweaking the letters and the arrangement i will check back in once i have something to work with here's the concepts that i've come up with so far now something i've figured out whilst doing this is that this typography is very thick.

Now if i want the letters overlapping one another there has to be enough space between them so that the word is readable so like this example here it is way too squished making it hard to see what the word says i also don't think that the outline logo type is a strong enough concept as it takes away from the weight and tension so what i'm gonna do is continue to work with this concept right here which has a really good balance okay so next we're gonna start customizing this and there are two things i normally use for creative inspiration.

The first the mood board and in this case i really like the a and b on this image and how this connects and then the second is brainstorming words that relate to the business name or the service that they provide this helps with ideas and with this project it got me thinking of the mouth and words related to that and that's how it came across the uvula and as google describes it the little fleshy hanging ball in the back of your throat i can predict that you probably just swallowed and i'm going to be using this for inspiration when designing the logo type so the c and the o grab my attention the most as the bottom of the c curls up and connects with the o which is already there.

We can connect these two letters so i am using the pencil tool to adjust the c first the top of the c already has a really nice dangle which helps with the look i'm going for so i am just dragging the pencil tool on the path that's already there changing the shape of the letter and then just returning back to the original path now to make the cemeo look like they're connected to one another i am just using the pencil tool to kind of draw an extension onto the c so then it flows nicely up into the o now this can be quite fiddly um but the great thing about this is that you can just keep drawing over the path until you're happy i think this is kind of working i just want to make sure that that lines up with the oh i think we need to thicken up this little bit of path here um it is kind of looking a bit too busy right now and obviously we've got different thicknesses so i think i'm going to grab the eraser tool and actually just chop up part of this o so then it will create a kind of starting point from the c and then an end point to the o and kind of just break up this height i'm just going to adjust the bottom of the o with the pencil tool and that is actually looking pretty nice so if you're wondering why i'm kind of designing in black