How Can You Activate Cash App Card and Transfer Money?

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How Can You Activate Cash App Card and Transfer Money?

Can you transfer money and activate cash app card? The answer to this query is yes. But do you know how to do it? We will walk you through the entire process, so please stay with us until the very end of this blog.


Online payment options will continue to grow as the world shifts towards virtual business models. Developers have come up with many ways to pay online over the years. Online banking via apps has become quite popular because of its simplicity and ease of use.


There are many options for online banking, and each one has its advantages. However, it is possible to be confused about whether a particular banking app works with a card. This article will answer a common question: ‘Can you transfer money from Activate Cash App Card to a Netspend card?’


People often ask:  if they can use Cash App in-store. If not Cash App, Venmo? What about Zelle? Peer-to-peer payment apps are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, with Cash App being the most downloaded online payment app.


Cash App user base has grown by 50% over the years, and half of Generation Z uses the app every day. You might wonder if you can send money from Cash App to Netspend.


Netspend is a primary US provider of prepaid debit cards and has served more than 10 million customers. Netspend works with major retailers, including Walmart, PayPal, Western Union, etc.


All Netspend card transactions are FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) insured. You can use the Netspend prepaid debit wherever Visa debit cards and Debit MasterCards are accepted. With the Netspend card, you can purchase from both online and offline shops, and you can also withdraw money from ATMs around the world.


No credit checks are required to get Netspend prepaid Master Card or Visa cards.


Let’s now see how to use Netspend with activate cash app card, including how to transfer ‘how to transfer money from Cash App to Netspend?’


A Quick Guide To Activate Cash App Card

Cash App is among the most well-known mobile payment services available across the US and the UK. It allows users to pay bills, transfer and receive money, invest in bitcoins, and purchase or sell stocks with minimal hassle. Besides a bank account, you can also add money into the Cash App account using credit and debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. It is also possible to add money to your Cash App by visiting a retailer directly.


Netspend is a business owned by Bancorp Bank, which offers prepaid cards. Netspend provides you with a platform to make purchases, pay, and withdraw money. It’s a method to put your money in a position to access with a swipe. Therefore, it is essential to be aware that Netspend is not an institution like a bank. We could define it as a Prepaid Card in simple terminology. It is necessary to have the funds we plan to use through Netspend. With Netspend, we can transfer, send, receive and control funds.


Because Netspend is a card, not a bank, it can be connected to various online platforms, including Cash App and PayPal. Many customers who have both Netspend and Cash App are often asked if Netspend can be used with the Cash App and if you can transfer money from Cash App to Netspend Card. As of now, Cash App doesn’t support this prepaid card. However, you can link this card to your Paypal account instead.


Does Netspend Work With Cash App?

No, Netspend does not work directly with Cash App, and it is not possible to connect your Netspend prepaid card to Cash App because Cash App does not support it. You can transfer funds through the Netspend card to the Cash App or the reverse if you use an indirect money transfer method.


You can also transfer the funds of Netspend to the activate cash app card using an indirect money transfer method without Flash pay Id.


For those who don’t know about Flash pay ID, it’s an individual ID associated with your Netspend account. You can share your Flash Pay ID with your family and friends who also have Netspend cards, and they can also utilize it to transfer money. Control, ACE Elite, and Purpose cardholders can pay funds to your Netspend card with the Flash Pay ID.


Can I Transfer Money from Cash App To Netspend Card?

You cannot directly transfer money from Cash App to Netspend card. However, You can surely transfer money from Cash App to Netspend Card using an indirect method of money transfer. It involves a bank account and a third party (Paypal account). So, using a bank account and Paypal, you can easily transfer funds from Cash App to Netspend and vice versa.


However, it is a little complex task and takes much time to execute the process. But, it is now the only method to move money from one Cash App to a Netspend card or reverse.


Moreover, in the below section, we have mentioned the steps to send money from Cash App to Netspend through an indirect method.


Recent Update: The Cash App now lets you link to the Netspend card, meaning you do not need to follow the instructions below to transfer money. Connect the Netspend account to activate cash app card as you usually would for any other credit or debit card.



How To Send Money From Activate Cash App Card?

There isn’t an easy and direct way to transfer funds through Netspend to Cash App. As Netspend is a prepaid debit card, the Cash App does not support this prepaid debit card.


However, there’s an indirect method that uses the PayPal wallet and your bank account to which you can transfer funds between your Netspend card and the Cash App. Follow the steps below to carry out the process.


Follow the below-mentioned steps to transfer money from the Netspend card to Cash App and vice-versa.

  • Log in to your Paypal account.
  • Click on the “Add Money Online” button
  • Choose the associated Netspend account to source funds.
  • Enter the amount and then complete the transfer.
  • The money from Netspend will appear in your Paypal account within about 1 to 3 working days.
  • Once your account is credited, head towards My wallet on Paypal
  • Tap Transfer Money.
  • Select transfer to your bank option.
  • Choose the bank account to deposit the amount withdrawn and tap continue.
  • Enter the amount you require and then click next.
  • Review your transfer, and then click transfer now.
  • When the funds have been transferred to your bank, tap the Banking tab on your Cash App home screen.
  • Click on Add Cash.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Click on the Add option.
  • Use Touch ID or your PIN to verify the transaction via Netspend to Cash App.


How Do I Add A Bank Account To Cash App?

As you transfer the fund from Cash App to Netspend and vice-versa using a linked bank account and third party account, i.e., Paypal, it is necessary to have the same bank account linked to both viz Cash App and Paypal.

  • Open the Cash App on your device and log in to your account.
  • Click the balance icon in the lower-left corner.
  • Go to “Add Bank”
  • Enter your Bank details on the first screen.
  • Click the “Add Bank” button at the bottom of the screen.


Finally, your bank is linked to your activate cash app card account now, and you are ready to fund Cash App or Paypal and withdraw money using this attached bank account.


How Do You Link Your Netspend Account With PayPal?

Follow the below steps to link Netspend to Paypal.

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Click on the “Wallet” button
  • Hit the “Link a Bank Account” option.
  • Input the account number and routing number in the specified field.
  • Tap the “Continue” button
  • Review the information to link the account to PayPal.
  • Tap “Add Bank Account” to finally connect the account.


Before we finish the topic, ‘Can you transfer money from Cash App to Netspend?’, we invite our readers to check out another post published recently on How To Send Money From Cash App To Zelle?


Before we finish the topic, ‘Can you transfer money from Cash App to Netspend?’, we invite our readers to check out another post published recently on How To Send Money From Cash App To Zelle?



We have discussed in the post: whether ‘Can you transfer money from Cash App to Netspend?’ One can’t transfer money straight away from Cash App to Netspend or vice-versa. You can’t link Netspend prepaid debit card to Cash App as the Cash App does not support this.


Additionally, you can transfer the money from Cash App to Netspend using an alternate payment method, and it involves a third-party payment app like Paypal and your bank account.


We hope to activate cash app card users shall surely be able to transfer money from Cash App to Netspend using an indirect transfer method by adhering to the steps mentioned above.


However, if you still have any concerns, you can feel free to contact us all day long.


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