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How to purchase FIFA coins without getting banned?

FIFA players who want to progress in FIFA 23 and have a better chance at FUT, can visit WhatsGaming and buy cheap FIFA coins to start their squad and buy all players they want. We offer two transfer methods, Comfort Trade and Player Auction.

Player Auction

In Player Auction trading, you have to put FIFA 23 player cards for auction and the coins supplier will buy them out. This is the most commonly used trading method, which is the fastest and safest. The buyer gives cash to the coin seller and has control over the whole transaction. The buyer is required to add players to the Transfer market, bought cheaply, and sold at a higher price to the coin seller. In exchange, the buyer will receive the amount of FIFA 23 coins they paid for.

Comfort Trade

FIFA Comfort Trade is the easiest method of delivery for customers. Suppose you want to purchase FIFA 23 coins via Comfort Trading. In that case, the coin supplier will ask for your account login information (e-mail address, password, security answer, and the 6 backup codes) then log in within the given delivery time and transfer the coins to your account. You do not have to put any cards for sale.
You can choose whichever method you feel more comfortable with. And WhatsGaming totally supports and guides you through the whole transaction process.


All FIFA players need to take caution when it comes to their account safety. You can't trust every website and they need to follow the EA's latest guidelines and update themselves with the latest news. An outdated FIFA coin seller is probably going to scam you and eventually take away all of your current assets in FIFA without giving you anything in return. So, if you don't want to face such issues or get banned by EA Sports because of suspicious activities, only choose one trusted coin provider such as WhatsGaming, and get your coins safely.